Why Purpose Over Passion?

Why Purpose Over Passion? web

I say purpose over passion any day. Purpose to me is like the cake. It’s the thing that passion sits on top of. So when passion’s there, the icing, it’s got…

Values Based Decisions for Career Change

Values Based Decisions for Career Change web

I wanted to ask you guys, and you can post below, what values do you have that are important about your career? In other words, what career based values do…

The Tears, The Failures, The Garbage – My Life Story

Every Failure is a step to success

This might be kind of a neat time to share a little bit of my personal story with you. And so, I thought I’d share a little bit of that and maybe you…

The Right Way to do A Resume

The Right Way to Do A Resume

So there are some things that work better than others but it kinda depends on who’s looking at the resume so. So What is The Right Way to Do A Resume? Some of you are out there right now doing your job search and you’re looking at your resume going, is this the right resume … Read more

Rejection – Are You Asking?

Rejection Are You Asking?

We’re so afraid of rejection and I get it. Hearing no sucks but here’s the thing. If you don’t ask, it’s already a no. It’s Time For A Raise It’s time for a raise. Don’t you think? Wouldn’t you like to make more money? Hi, my name is Christopher Lawrence. I am with changemylifecoaching.ca and … Read more

My Career Story

My Career Story

I saw career counselor after career counselor after career counselor. I did so many personality tests and skills-based tests you wouldn’t even believe it. And they usually came back saying I should keep doing what I’m doing. How Did I get to Where I Am Now? Hello, folks. Some of you are probably wondering, in … Read more

Motivation or Willpower for Change

Motivation or Willpower for Change

Motivation is an emotion that feels real good and allows you to take initiative. When it runs out, rely on purpose and behavioral changes to keep going.

How to Network Like a Boss

CMLC Blog: How to Network like a Boss

Career & Life Coach, Christopher Lawrence takes you through his favourite tips & strategies so you feel more confident to successfully network in any situation.

How to Deal with Fear for Making a Change

CMLC Blog: How to Deal with Fear for Making a Change

The way that I look at fear, having experienced daily highly anxious panic attacks for months, is it was the worst time of my life. This is how I dealt with it.

The Easy Choice When You Are Too Busy

CMLC Blog: The Easy Choice When You Are Too Busy

If you’ve ever been in that position where stuff is flying at you and you’re so busy that you can’t even see straight. Here are some tactics to help.

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