How to Network Like a Boss

They’re going in with a resume in hand or at least in their head. They’re walking in saying I need to get a job, I need to get a job, I need to get a job and I get it.

Hello, it’s Christopher with change my Oh, look at that the shaky does it feel like you’re in an earthquake? Okay. Hello, this is Christopher Lawrence with Change My Life Coaching. I am a career and life coach. I’ve been doing this for eight years. And if there’s one thing I learned it is how to network like a boss. So I want you to post below your absolute favourite networking tips. so that people can learn, share your expertise, and I’m gonna share a couple of mine.

Do You Network Correctly?

I can say with a very high level of confidence that people do not network correctly. Especially when they’re looking for careers. Lots of people go in, they go to different events, they meet new people, and they’re going in with resumes in hand or at least in their heads. They’re walking in saying I need to get a job, I need to get a job, I need to get a job and I get it. If you are looking for a job to get out of where you are. Or maybe you’re just currently unemployed and you need to change, I get it. You, we, sometimes go to that desperate place. But when we’re in that place, we actually don’t perform really well.

Be Bold When Networking!

So here’s a lot of what I see, I see a lot of, Hey, I’m coming in for a job. And there’s lots of handshaking and kissing babies and all of this. And it’s like, here’s my card. Call me. Can I leave you with a resume? All of this kind of stuff. Now I understand Sometimes we have to be bold and sometimes boldness pays off. So, So if you’re a naturally bold person, this probably doesn’t apply to you because you’re going to get out there and you’re going to do what you need to do. Just maybe ask like, hey, I’d like to work for your organization. How can I do that? That’s a bold move. Lots of people are very uncomfortable doing that, though. I encourage everyone to do it. Because lots of times the answer is yes, you’re gonna get what you need. But for larger percentage of people out there, we’re afraid to ask.

Ask The Right Questions!!

So, how do you network like the boss? Well actually, you go in and you to whatever event you’re going to, meeting with whoever you’re meeting with. And when you’re in front of them, you ask them questions about themselves. You learn about them both professionally and personally. Why? Because it gives you something to focus on for future conversations. So what if they said to you, you know, you ask a question. Hey, tell me about yourself. Tell me what you do. What do you love about what you do? What is your biggest challenge? And they say, honestly, my biggest challenge is that my team isn’t cohesive. Well, maybe you can’t help them directly with that. But you say you know what, I know a great consultation firm and they offer free consultations and then complimentary lunch and learns, which we do here at Change My Life Coaching and on our sister company Change My Business Coaching. We offer complimentary workshops, lunch and learns, and, so I know them, let me connect you with them. Why you’re helping them not yourself. Do you know why? Because they’ll never forget you. That’s why what if they say honestly, my biggest problem right now is that I don’t have a good babysitter. Well, maybe you know the best babysitter in the city.

Givers Gain

So the idea is, is it actually comes from BNI Business Network International. It was an organization that I was a member of for five years. I won a few awards there. So I did fairly well in the networking realm, including President of the year. And we also won a chapter of the year, that year. So it was a fun journey. And one of the things that I learned from them is givers gain. And so the whole concept of networking is, what are you giving in order to gain. And so if you can, kind of put yourself out there that way, let me give you a perfect example. I get phone calls, probably at least once or twice a month of people saying, I wanna talk to a coach who’s actually been coaching full time, right? For a number of years. So I fit that criteria. So I get a lot of phone calls from people who want to be coaches. I don’t train coaching, but I do coach other coaches in building their business. So, so I get I get a lot of these people calling.

Let me tell you about the person who stands out the most in my mind. I always give my time when people say, hey, I wanna talk to you about what it means to be a coach. Maybe you’re that person, you can reach out to me, you can call me. I’ll give you the time of day. We’ll spend a few minutes on the phone and I’ll answer some questions for you. This particular person, they took advantage of that they we set up a phone call, I got on the phone call. She asked the best questions. I gave her my best advice. And then she came back and said, Okay, great. What’s your favorite charity because I’m going to make a donation on your behalf. I was blown away. I will never forget this person. It was probably and it wasn’t a huge donation. I think it was like 20 or 30 or $40. And but it was enough that I was just like, this is so incredible. So she donated to a charity that helps feed kids during the lunch hour. I will never forget her for that.

…Maybe Try Fresh Baking?

And so my business partner, I’m in his office right now. Don’t tell him he doesn’t like it when I touch his stuff. Kyle, if you’re watching this, please ignore that part. My business partner, he actually makes a lot of movement with with fresh baking. And most of it he does himself like he will actually get up at four or five in the morning to make croissants to go to a meeting. And some people are like, that doesn’t help. It’s brown nosing, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Let me tell you how much movement that guy gets with fresh baked goods. It’s impressive. And you know, I think I think it has to be authentic though. Like you can’t try to do it. It’s gotta really come from your heart. And Kyle is a baker, right? He enjoys baking as his hobby. In fact, he probably does it three or four times a week. He doesn’t eat it himself, because he went on this amazing weight loss journey through our program healthy transformations but, but he still loves to bake and so it gives a lot of that away to other folks. So you might check that out too!

This video is gone on with too long, hopefully that was helpful. That’s how you network like boss, but I wanna hear from you how do you network like a boss. Post that below or to the side or up or down wherever this video ends up and you can check me out at My name is Christopher Lawrence and I am a life and career coach extraordinaire Talk to you soon. Bye

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