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SLC conflict distractions

Conflict Distractions

Inadequate communication undermines leaders and teams, fostering conflicts, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities.
SLC Decision Making Delegation

Decision-Making & Delegation

Leaders often grapple with scarce and burnt out resources, navigating intricate decisions, lacking clarity, struggling to prioritize, delegate, and manage time, thereby impeding their decision-making process.
SLC Toxic Organizational Cultures

Toxic Organizational Cultures

Toxic cultures persist causing organizations to bleed good people despite overworked leaders prioritizing diversity, inclusion, employee engagement, and a sense of belonging.

What Would It Be Like If You Could Achieve This?

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SLC Union

Heightened Employee Engagement

Fostering trust and collaboration through non-judgemental accountability creates a positive work culture that boosts employee morale and engagement.

Conflict Mastery

Lean into productive conflict with confidence and empower teams to navigate disagreements and achieve effective resolutions without your oversight.
SLC Subtract
SLC Conflict Mastery
SLC Healthy Micro Cultures

Healthy Micro Cultures

Flourishing team sub-cultures within an organization attracts and retains talented individuals, while leaders effectively inspire quality output, champion belonging and inclusion, and foster employee engagement.
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The Strategic Leader Coaching Team

At Strategic Leader Coaching, with over 20+ years of coaching experience, we empower leaders and organizations through executive coaching, talent planning, and strategic guidance. With a caring approach, we help clients excel in communication, decision-making, stress management, and team leadership. Revolutionizing the coaching profession, we bring transformational practices to the forefront, fostering self-discovery and exceptional leadership.
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SLC Kyle Kalloo

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As a Human Resources Professional

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For Personal Leadership Development

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For Leadership Development For My Team

Team Coaching Leadership Development group

What Are Clients Are Saying

We recently had a corporate retreat where we had Kyle facilitate his Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team and what resonated with me the most was how he was able to get everyone engaged in the process and how informative the session was. This workshop is ideal for any organization (large or small) and any type of organization, regardless of how well they think they work as a team, or those organizations that may be struggling to function cohesively as a team. Kyle's session will help make those teams that are already strong even stronger and those that may be struggling understand why they are struggling and provide some guidance to help them work through their struggles. I would not hesitate recommending Kyle and his team to help your organization create that cohesive strong team most organizations strive to achieve.

Stanko M.

Enright Capital

For those that are seeking to improve their leadership, conflict management and peer collaboration skills, I would highly recommend connecting with Kyle and taking part in his program. I have certainly benefited from participating, allowing me to improve as an overall leader, to serve my team better, to build meaningful connections / rapport and to uncover new efficiencies and synergies within my organization and with our customers. Kyle is genuine, charming and very knowledgeable - Making him an excellent facilitator and industry peer. If you are looking to unlock meaningful change in your career, Kyle Kalloo will help set you up for success.

Jonathan S.

Technical Services Senior Manager

When we reached out to Kyle and the team, our organization was looking to build a cohesive executive leadership team. Although the executive team was experienced, we were relatively new working with each other. We wanted some help building trust and improved accountability. Kyle had a way of leveraging his personality style, which was well received by the executive team. By doing so we were able to achieve the results we were looking for. In fact, after completing the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, we felt prepared in working through the items of what makes a cohesive team effective. We now communicate with each other better, understand what it means to have trust for one another and recognize that holding each other accountable is going to drive to the results we are looking for. Since the first workshop, we have expanded our Learning strategy to include workshops and coaching for other leaders in the organization and will be introducing an emerging leadership program with Kyle and the team shortly.

Colleen A.

Human Resources/People & Culture Manager

Kyle has been my executive coach for over 5 years now and his insight, experience and guidance is what makes him such a valuable ally to have in the business world. As you start moving up into leadership roles in an organization, your network of trusted advisors should include those that are outside of your sphere of influence that do not have the proverbial "skin in the game". This allows a much more objective interpretation of the various issues that ebb and flow throughout your career. Kyle is one of the critical pieces in my network of trusted advisors as he is able to synthesize, interpret and provide real-life examples on not only how to approach a situation, but why it should be approached in the manner he suggests. His rationale always leads to seeing things from a much longer timeline and larger scale, especially as it relates to employee/co-worker interactions. His plethora of executive experience makes him an effective coach for those that value real-world experience over pure academic theory. I would highly recommend those seeking a practical coach to give Kyle a call, he won't disappoint.

Mason L.

Commercial Real Estate Advisor

We had a DiSC session with Kyle and it had an immediate impact on our team. Kyle's presentation was engaging and very informative. The assessment and material provided was so approachable that our team was able to put what we learned into action immediately! Kyle was able to bring another level of vulnerability to our team. Our team cohesiveness was impacted so positively and that reflected in our patient care the very next day. I highly recommend taking the time to do this seminar with your team. The benefits are so far reaching and beyond what I could ever put into this review!

Bow Trail Dental

Dental Clinic

Kyle is an exceptional presenter that has an answer for every question. He is able to communicate his programs with ease and knowledge. When giving the presentation on 'Managing Difficult Conversations', he was clear, concise and offered numerous opportunities for the learners to practice these skills, ask questions and set goals. Having Kyle present to the team has increased our team work, leadership and overall ability to speak with our team.

Janus Academy

Educational Institution

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The Power of Storytelling in Leadership

The Power of Storytelling in Leadership

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I Am Here

As a Human Resources Professional

For Personal Leadership Development

For Leadership Development For My Team

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