Teamwork Tails Vol. 1
How Hiro Learned to be a Great Team Member in School and with Friends

Unleash the Power of Teamwork with Hiro, the Curious Yorkshire Terrier!

Teamwork Tails: How Hiro Learned to be a Great Team Member in School and with Friends is not just a book — it's an adventure sprinkled with life lessons. Journey alongside Hiro, a lovable Yorkshire Terrier, as he discovers the wonders of teamwork, friendship, and communication in the most fun way possible!

For Kids Aged 6 to 9: Designed for young readers who love stories packed with action, humor, and heart, this book promises to engage and inspire. But beware, parents! You might just find yourself sneaking a read when the kids are asleep.

Educational Yet Entertaining: Tired of preachy children's books? Us too! That's why our tale is crafted to educate through storytelling. Your child will learn essential life skills like teamwork, active listening, and respect without even realizing they're being taught. It's like hiding veggies in a delicious smoothie — they won't even notice it's good for them!

Diversity and Inclusion: Our story celebrates diversity with its ensemble of characters from varied racial and cultural backgrounds, including those with different abilities. In a world that so deeply needs empathy and understanding, we believe it's never too early to teach kids the importance of inclusivity.

Why Parents and Educators Love Us:

  • High-quality, vibrant illustrations that captivate attention
  • Easy-to-understand language that encourages independent reading
  • Skillfully embedded educational messages
  • Relatable and diverse characters

Perfect for Classroom Reading & Bedtime Stories: Whether you're an educator looking to diversify your classroom library or a parent searching for a story with substance, Teamwork Tails offers the best of both worlds.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the exciting world of Hiro and friends, and uncover the true essence of teamwork, one paw at a time!


What People Are Saying

My 7-year-old couldn't put it down! She learned so much about teamwork and diversity, and now she's always talking about how she can be a better team player like Hiro.
Alison P
Parent Review
As an educator and a parent, I appreciate how 'Teamwork Tails' introduces complex concepts like inclusion and respect in such a simple, child-friendly manner.
Russell B.
Parent Review
Finally, a book that talks about real-life skills! My kids are applying Hiro's lessons in their daily interactions. It's wonderful to see.
Jessica H.
Parent Review

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