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Navigating the Transition from Manager to C-Suite

Navigating the Transition from Manager to C-Suite

Navigating the Transition from Manager to C-Suite
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[VIDEO] Do You Have a Fulfilling Career or a Good Job?

Do you have a “fulfilling career” or a “good job”? Transcription Christopher Lawrence here with Change My Life Coaching. I often get asked the question, what makes a fulfilling career? Sometimes when clients come in they bring in a Venn diagram that’s made up of three circles, usually, right? The Venn diagram says, you have ... Read more
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[VIDEO] Life Is Like Driving In a Car. Where is your focus?

Are you driving into the ditch in your life or to your destination? Transcript: Hi, folks, Christopher with Change My Life Coaching here. I wanted to speak to you today, about driving into the ditch versus driving to your destination. And you might think I’m talking about cars or vehicles, but I’m actually not, and ... Read more
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Introverted? Network Like a Pro Anyway!

Networking, whether in the course of seeking new job opportunities or simply for career growth and professional connections can be a challenging process for even the most extroverted individuals. For introverted individuals though, networking can be nearly impossible and the networking process excruciating. Networking has a bad rap. Individuals are usually hindered by misconceptions surrounding ... Read more
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As humans our brains do not have an unlimited amount of constant energy to make constant decisions and process information throughout the day. In the same manner, the body cannot absorb the demands of multitasking, connectivity and increasing workloads without a concurrent decrease in efficiency and well-being. In essence, your energy is very valuable, it’s ... Read more
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News Regulation Security and Risk Fight Over Money

Did you get the raise or bonus you wanted?

Does money make you happy? It’s raise and bonus season and the research is showing that a raise isn’t going to make you happy or satisfied! Here is some compelling research and what you should be doing instead of fighting for more money. Christopher is the Chief Value Officer and Founder of Change My Life Coaching and ... Read more
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Top 7 Characteristics of a Great Networker

So, what exactly are the best characteristics of a great networker? Out of 3400 surveys (57% men and 43% women), the majority of the respondents were between ages of 30 and 59.  Respondents were asked about 20 different characteristics on networking. They were asked specifically what the top behaviours they would like to see in ... Read more
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