5 Awesome Steps To Get My Life Back On Track

Sometimes life can throw us off the path that we expect to travel. It might be time to “Get My life Back On Track” with these 5 Awesome Steps.

This tends to happen more than expected in our lives. For the past couple of months I got detoured by situations in my life so much that I couldn’t concentrate on the things I wanted to work on. It was around this time that I saw the benefits of checking in with my own coach sessions.

Get A Coach To Get My Life Back On Track

Get A Coach To Get My Life Back On Track

I know this might sound a little funny but it’s true with most professionals in the Helping industry. To get my life back on track I went and got a coach. I believe in the power of coaching, it’s not just my profession (in fact, why would you ever hire a coach who had never hired a coach themselves?)

In our first session at the beginning of the year, we agreed that we would explore my health and fitness. This would be a way to get me out of the mental rut that I was stuck in.

A few months have gone by and it’s only now that I am seeing the results of the work to get my life back on track. But I’m far from disappointed because the results are coming, and they are coming fast now! I am more fit and healthy than I have been in a long time, and my mental state of mind is sharp and positive.

I’m the guy who takes the stairs now!

Just to be clear, I have two coaches in my life and three mentors. They all do different things for me to get my life back on track. I’m not a money guy, so I have one for money, one for health behaviours, and then I have mentors for business and scientific knowledge and research.

Look At All the Factors

Look At All the Factors

I had things that came up in my life that needed to be addressed. Not all of these things were related to my fitness and health and at the beginning of coaching to get my life back on track these “other things” far outweighed my need to talk about health and fitness.

My coach noticed how distressed I was and took the time to coach me through how I was feeling. He noted some mental barriers I had and beliefs, he also noticed how negative my thinking was. I was astounded, I’m mister positive!! One of my friends even called me the Eternal Optimist over and over again as my nickname in his blogs!

I teach this stuff for crying out loud. I was so embarrassed. I had lost my way, but with the help of my coach, we took a slow but steady and consistent approach to getting my life back on track. It worked!

Avoid Your Own Resistance

Avoid Your Own Resistance

My life issues were not part of the planned agenda, but at that moment the most important thing for me was to have someone listen to my needs, my own words. There is something cathartic about talking through your issues with someone, especially to someone who is there not only to listen but also to ask powerful questions to move me forward.

I had a ton of resistance, after more than a year of covid, lockdown, and watching my business take a great tumble and then have a slow leak because of factors that were all out of my control – I had lost my way. I needed to get my life back on track and I was willing to do whatever it took to get there.

I had to overcome my resistance. I wanted to rush the process – two months and I’ll be done coaching. I’m really good at what I do so I thought… “Meh, two months, I’ll get my life back on track and I’ll quit the coaching”.

Because I went through the process correctly, with my coach, I am still in coaching four months later and have no intention of stopping for the rest of the year! Probably longer. The results are coming and they are amazing!

Focus On Others Once In A While

It was hard on a lot of people, but I was still in a position and a state of mind where I was able to help others. Focussing on others took my mind off of my own rumination of problems.

Helping others can give you a sense of purpose and while helping others you will see opportunities and have your own realizations for change. Be a friend, listen to others, offer support through empathy and powerful questions.

This helps me every day, but anyone can do it!

Trust The Process And Take Your Time

Trust The Process And Take Your Time

Like with my clients, my coach took the time to go through the process of helping me acknowledge my emotions and figure out a way for me to communicate my need for support to others. He also took the time to help me become resourceful again. He coached me on how to offer practical ways to help myself.

With these tactics, I was able to move forward one step at a time. As of today, I am the guy who takes the stairs, who does push-ups every day, and who stretches every day – seven days a week. I’m building incredible momentum to get my life back on track.

My coach inspired a lot of self-compassion within myself. Something I teach my clients too, but I had forgotten to do this for myself after I had heard about Covid stories 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, for 6 solid months.

But now…

I AM PROUD OF MYSELF! And I want you to be proud of yourself too.

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