3 Reasons You Never Experience Career Fulfillment

Career fulfillment can seem elusive. It’s like water, every time you try to catch it, it runs out of your hands. Let’s make it easier!!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could figure your career out with more ease? I intend on sharing with you three reasons you never experience career fulfillment and 3 super solutions to help you get there faster.

Do You Relate to the Career Fulfillment Struggle?

Do you relate to the career fulfillment struggle?

I’m an award-winning career and life coach with Change My Life Coaching. I have been doing this career for nearly 9 years now. I help people understand career fulfillment.

I’m going to give you an example of how I helped someone, who has never been satisfied with their job. See if you relate.

I recently had a client name Jenny she was 30 years old, she was never satisfied with the kind of work she had. She complained a lot about her boss, the company, and her co-workers.  Despite the complaining, though Jenny did work hard, she was very detail oriented but she just couldn’t find satisfaction.

Jenny took a lot of extra courses and certifications, and the reason why she did this was that she was constantly looking for satisfaction, and she thought maybe that would bring it to her. She thought maybe that help her learn to love her job a little bit more.

We had to do with Jenny is that we had to come up with some solutions, and the first thing we did is we made a connection that while her circumstance was in her control, she couldn’t fix the company, the people she worked with, or her bosses but she could influence them.

We had to teach Jenny how to influence, and then I recommend that just for a little while Jenny stop taking courses just for a few months to wrap her head around what she was doing without the influence of hearing so many other people’s voices. She was wrapping up one round of courses and she was considering taking another round. I simply asked her just to hold off for a little bit until we knew which direction she needed to move. Jenny actually agreed she felt like this was a good solution.

Then we took a whole-life approach to help her discover the right career. What I mean by that is that we looked at the job tasks themselves, which filled her up and made her feel strong, because that is what a job is made of.  It is made of the task, it’s not made up of the job title, it’s not made up of the money. It’s made up of the task that are in the job.

We looked at the job task then we looked at her value system, which might have included title and money in Jenny’s case, and then we looked at her psychological human needs. Once we took a look at those 3 whole areas and after some intensive coaching,  Jenny found a job in a logistics company that was a great fit for her,  not just the job but also the culture. And because of coaching, Jenny knows exactly how to climb up that corporate ladder.

I’m glad to say she will have her first direct report in the new year. So, this is one of the ways that we can help people who have never been satisfied with their job.

Reason 1: You Don’t Like The Tasks

Reason 1: You don’t like the tasks.

Jobs are made up of tasks. You can search for a title or for a salary, but if you don’t like what the actual job is made up of you will never experience career fulfillment.

My Suggestion: Learn what tasks you like and don’t like, then start to negotiate for more of the tasks you do enjoy. You might be surprised what your employer allows you to do. Most of us don’t ask but just by asking often times our employers will surprise us and we will experience more career fulfillment.

Reason 2: Your Values Aren’t Met

A lot of folks focus on the pay in their careers. Unfortunately, we now live in a world where we focus so much on our wages and salary. I understand this; however, in my years of coaching over 2000 clients, I can tell you that most people do not want to exchange good pay for a job they will hate doing. This is what we call getting trapped by the Golden Handcuffs.

My suggestion: Understand your lifestyle values, your core values, and your workplace values. Then determine if you are honouring those values. If not, then what needs to happen to feel like you are living a values-based life at work. This will increase your career fulfillment when you start living within your values.

Reason 3: You Have No Purpose

Everyone focuses on passion. The problem with passion is that it is elusive. It comes and goes just like all of our emotions. Instead, I want you to focus on your purpose for your career fulfillment. Purpose has staying power, passion comes and goes with the wind.

My suggestion: Understand why you want to do what you want to do. The purpose is overcomplicated by most folks. It can be simplified. Trust me. If you want help with this reach out to me and we will chat.

Where to start?

If you want some support getting started you can schedule a strategy session with me or download my free eBook “Go Beyond Passion: Discover Your Dream Job”

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