4 Terrible Ways Your Career Fit is a Mismatch

Need a better career fit? If you are looking at testing to find out your next job, it may not work. Look at these 4 criteria to ensure you have a good career.

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Marcus Buckingham would tell you that only 17% of people are playing to their true strengths in their current job.  This is based on an extensive study done on over 2 million people worldwide!

Are You “Title Shopping” or Career Fit Shopping?

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if everyone was in a job that made them feel strong at the end of every single day. The problem is that we spend too much time “title shopping”. We look for the job that we think is the best fit based on title and salary rather than looking at what you actually do in that job on a day-to-day basis.

We look for the “sexy” title and the “good” salary but we don’t take stock of the tasks that we actually do from one hour to the next. Then when we feel inevitably feel like crap about the job, completely unfulfilled about the work we do, we look to the boss to change the title or salary or to fix the problem. So what can you do instead?

This is solvable, but it doesn’t start with the title or the salary. Instead, you must look at the four ways your career fit might be a mismatch for you.

Your Career Tasks Are Not Enjoyable

“I have seen people with the title of Director and do no more than I did as a Junior Project Manager.”

If you are focussed on title and salary you aren’t considering the tasks in the role themselves. I have seen people with the title of Director and do no more than I did as a Junior Project Manager. Titles are misleading and we over-focus on them.

If you are looking for a career fit then you MUST actually look at what the tasks are in a job. A job is made up of tasks. Do you like to do those tasks? Do they give you strength or do they drain you?

Ask yourself the question: What tasks do I currently do in my day that I wish I had more of, the tasks that really make me feel good at the end of the day? And, which tasks do I dislike that I wish I had less of in my day?

Whatever those are, you can learn to influence and negotiate for more of those things you want and less of those things you do not want. Go for 70 to 80 percent rather than 100 percent fit in this regard.

Your Career Impedes Your Values

Okay, first, I don’t really care if your values match your company’s values. Most companies have values but most companies don’t truly execute those values every single day.

Instead, for your career fit, you need to look at your own deep and personal core and situational values and determine if you can mostly express them by having this job. That’s what matters. Can you express your values in your career and company or are they impeded?

You Don’t Have A Defined Purpose For Your Career Fit

“You must have a defined purpose for your career.”

You must have a defined purpose for your career. Yes, making money and paying the bills is important. But how else does your purpose define who you are or who you want to be? In what ways does it allow you to contribute to something that matters to you and allows you to feel significant?

Some people focus on passion, but passion is fleeting. Instead, focus on Purpose over Passion. You won’t regret it and things will become a lot clearer.

Your Willingness Is Low

If your willingness to do your job is low OR your willingness to leave is low, then you might be stuck with a Career Fit mismatch.

You must look at your willingness to:

  • Ask for more of what you want
  • Learn to negotiate
  • Leave when it’s time to leave

My Advice For Ensuring Career Fit

If you have gone through these four things then it might be time to find a new career. But how do you know if you should leave your job? Check out the answer right here! It’s another blog article.

First things first though, try to influence where you are before you leave. You might be surprised. The issue most people have is that they aren’t asking for what they want!

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