[VIDEO] The Best Video Interviewing Tips: Part 5 Tips For You

Check out this great video on interviewing. This is part 5 in a five part series.


Check out the transcript below!

Karmal – In an interview itself, you can’t have loads of paper in front of you, but on a video interview, you can.

Christopher – What tips would you give to people who might have to go out and do an interview? What are the one, two, or three key things that’s, like, if I was to do this again, here’s exactly what I would differently and here’s what I would tell people out in the internet world?

Karmal – I think what I missed a lot with the company that I was working for, sorry, that I was interviewing for, not working for, I should’ve gone a bit more to their website and put down a bit more of their keywords off their website because I was going through and answering,

and often in an interview, I’ve done some research because you’re in front of people, so I missed out on that on this one because I wasn’t thinking about the types of questions they were gonna ask. I was thinking more about, oh my goodness, it’s a video, I’ve not done this before.

Christopher – I guess the tip is, for that tip, it’s don’t get overwhelmed–

Karmal – Right.

Christopher – But the fact that it’s a video interview–

Karmal – Right.

Christopher – Do everything that you would normally do for an interview and then also focus on

the technicalities of doing a

Karmal – That’s right, and take advantage of the fact that it is video and write a bunch of stuff

down because in an interview itself you can’t have loads of paper in front of you but on a video interview you can.

Christopher – Yes, yes.

Karmal – So there’s lot of stuff that I could have prepped ahead of time and had in front of me, just as keywords and little notes or whatever that was needed. 

Christopher – To show your competencies. Yeah, that’s right, yeah. What about the software itself? So advanced prep, and that kind of thing, but do you have a tip around kind of the software or, you know you said you were bouncing from screen to screen, I’m curious how you would have managed that?

Karmal -I think I would have probably propped my actual camera up a bit higher because it would have, the video, the stuff I needed to see was at the top of the screen. So if I had propped the camera up a bit, propped it up on some books or whatever, then it probably would’ve been a bit better that would have looked like I was looking at the camera a bit more when I was monitoring the time. And so the recording starts automatically, you can start it

beforehand but when you hit that ninety seconds that recording starts, so you really have to pay attention to your time countdowns and stuff on the screen.

Christopher – Yeah, thank you for that Karmal.

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