Work More Powerfully and Rest More Deliciously

Whew – the Holiday Season is over…and as we reflect and share our experiences, I find that time and again people are saying how much they enjoyed the cold snap/deep freeze that we experienced over the Christmas season.  What??  Enjoyed?

A crazy thought, I know…but there is a common theme.  It was so bitterly cold, most of us stayed inside – it gave us “permission” to stop, rest, curl up with a book, stay in our PJ’s, binge-watch on Netflix.  These stories were told with such glee, such reverence … “I did nothing…”  We gave ourselves permission to just goof off.

And if we really think about it – it is an indication of how much we recognize that somewhere along the way we lost the natural rhythm of our lives. We can work full-out, and get focused on accomplishing our new resolutions – but “rest” does not usually factor on that list. We’ve had our natural rhythms disrupted by a culture that praises us for working continuously, and makes us ashamed or embarrassed of the need to rest.

So as the new year begins, perhaps make a promise to yourself that you will re-visit this delicious feeling of rest. Plan it into your day, your week, your weekend. Replenish your precious energy. Of course you aren’t always able to dictate the times when the external world wants you to work or play. But by just paying attention to this you will tune you into your own best working pace. You may eventually find yourself working more powerfully and resting more deliciously.

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