A Good News Story

This is a feel good story.

Recently, a young woman reached out to me to share her experience with our website. She is not our client, she simply found our website on Google.

She told me a tragic story about how a close family member passed away in a grave and unfortunate circumstance. She has personally experienced loss in many aspects of her life in the last few years, more than you would want to think could be possible for a single person. She has become the only income earner in a household of four people. She was feeling so distraught and lost that she didn’t know what to do and didn’t know who to reach out to.

So, instead of reaching out she went to our website and read our coaches bios and watched our videos and read some testimonials throughout the website and read the few blogs we have up there (some of our blogs are contributed by our clients too).

She said she came back ever day and read a little more, that it gave her hope and gave her a reason to keep moving forward. She said, just reading what was on there made an impact on her life.

This touches my heart so deeply that I wanted to share it with you, our readers. We are helping people and changing lives simply through our website. This is what I love most about being a coach, being able to help people overcome adversity and obstacles in their lives to help them move forward and create flow. We have decided to kick our blog schedule up a notch so we can help those that may never come in for our services but those who we can still impact positively!

I wish more coaches out there would realize that it’s not always about selling and making money; it’s about helping and making a difference. This is why our corporate question is “how do we help those we serve to achieve even more of their dreams?”

My heart is so warm and my eyes are filled with tears when I think of the difference a company can provide, in this case that we provided, not only those we serve as clients, but to those we serve in the world who we will never know we impacted. Not because they paid us, but because we cared enough to add value, cared enough to listen.

I am blessed to be a part of this incredible world we live in!

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