Inspired Action For Imperfect Humans – S4 EP0: “What’s Coming Up For Season 4?”

What is coming up for season 4?

“What’s Coming Up For Season 4?” Brief Summary:

This next season we dig deep, to find out what motivates us (as humans), why we should have those difficult conversations, what are our values in the workplace, and much more! Are you ready for Season 4 of Inspired Action For Imperfect Humans Podcast? Tune in and let’s get deep!

Even before the remote workforce evolution, office culture was inherently fragile. After all, it’s made up of imperfect humans interacting with other imperfect humans. And while perfection isn’t the goal, we all secretly wish for a workplace where people find ways to bring out the best in each other. Unfortunately, that’s not always an intuitive skill. It takes guidance, practice, and then more guidance and practice… but with the right leadership, it’s definitely achievable. How do you enhance your workforce’s ability to engage, collaborate, and adapt in this volatile and uncertain reality? Get the answers to your culture questions when you setup a complimentary Discovery Session with Kyle Kalloo at

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“What’s Coming Up For Season 4?” Transcript:

[00:00:00] Is the thought of being imperfect, keeping you from taking action. Welcome to inspired action for imperfect humans. Each week, we give you real life stories and thought-provoking research that inspires your soul to live a more fulfilled life through your own actions. From the heart of Calgary Canada.

Here are your hosts award winning coaches, Christopher Lawrence and Kyle Kalloo. Christopher here again. We promised you this week, we would tell you a little bit about what’s coming up with season four for inspired action for imperfect humans. I’m the one that has to save the name because Kyle can’t even remember what it is and he screws it up all the time.

He’s like, uh, Inspired humans for imperfect action. Um, it’s clear to see that this is what you guys have to look forward to in season four. I mean, I knew more Kyle bashing. It was going so [00:01:00] well. So smooth, I had all these different other people and I hope you guys really enjoyed that, um, with the leaders and, you know, what’s interesting.

I know we talked about this, you know, Christopher before, when we talked about season three, like what were people coming to expect? Right. You know, hearing about the different leaders and you know, what do they have as their nugget? How are they curating a corporate coaching culture in, um, in their organization?

And based on our title of our podcast, you heard as well as others, that we’re all imperfect humans. Like we’re all imperfect humans and here’s the thing. We’re all imperfect humans working in the same organization, same relationships going about our lives. So season four, we want to get even deeper. We’re going to go super deep.

We're going to go super deep.
We’re going to go super deep.

When you talk about all of us being imperfect humans, I would just say, speak for yourself. Uh, in any case folks, we’re going to wait, let me give you some [00:02:00] highlights here. So we are going to start the year by talking about motivation. So we’re really focused on career fulfillment. Um, uh, You know, Kyle and I have been spending a lot of time talking about this podcast and where we’re going next.

And this is what’s really important. Here’s one thing we know for sure, for the vast majority of our listeners and for the vast majority of the population on the planet, you spent the best part of your life working the best part of your day. You’re working. Everything around your life. You know, when you go to the gym, when you eat, uh, how you spend time with your kids, when you go see family, you know, um, when you sit down to relax, all of that is built around your Workday, right?

Because the Workday is right in the middle. It’s the best part of the day and your working life. It’s the best part of your life, right? It’s it’s like when you have the most decision-making ability, right. You’re not a teenager anymore or a kid anymore, and you’re not, you know, um, you know, in, in, uh, you [00:03:00] know, in an eight, you know, you’re not aging so much that you’re losing capacity, right?

So this is the best part of your life. And Kyle and I strongly believe, and this is so tied to our. If this is the best part of your day and the best part of your life, you better have some kind of connection to it, either a fulfillment or a purpose or a reason. And we want to make your working life better.

Our, uh, demographic here in Canada and the United States, there are a lot of resignations happening there. We in Canada, we’re heading into a labor shortage, um, that will probably last 10 years, unless something changes. This is what the BDC has come out and said, so we know. That your work is going to be so important.

And actually you might even have more options than you did before, which is really good news in some ways, but it creates other challenges that actually more options makes it harder to choose. Okay. So we’ve got some cool stuff coming up, Kyle, what are some of the things that you’re looking forward to talk.

Talking about, you know, [00:04:00] uh, and I know you want me to answer the question and, you know, I like to bring a little story in yell at me to answer the question. Just answer the question down, everyone. Grab a note pad. He’s going to test you on it later is want to say people have to recognize exactly what you just said cause of where people have to recognize ourselves included.

Of course. You did it you’re at the end of 2021, right? I know when we all started all this stuff, we thought COVID is 19. That bitch COVID is 21. At least now it’s no longer 19. Right? It’s 21. And we’re about to start another year. And we talk about this, right? Christopher, all the time about renewal, right?

We could start another day is another opportunity for you to renew yourself.
We could start another day is another opportunity for you to renew yourself.

We could start another day is another opportunity for you to renew yourself. So in 2022, as we’re going to start. Moments away from 2022. I want us to go even deeper to understand how can we one recognize what we’re experiencing, right. What are some of the stuff that happens, you know, in [00:05:00] our life, around how we chat with people, how we interact with other people, how do we interact with ourself?

If you can’t get along with yourself, how the hell do you think you’re going get along with someone else? Can I get an amen? Is that someone else’s stuff like, cause you know me and catch phrases I Kyle it so great. And generic, I will add some specificity. So girl do not ask Kyle for a detailed story. Um, yeah.

Well, I mean, you kicked me off the podcast, you fool, um, So, okay. So here’s the, I want to really start this, this new year off with this thing around renewal and motivation. I think that, you know, like we’re going to talk about some goal setting stuff, but I’m going to tell you why everybody’s getting it wrong and why your new year’s resolutions.

Aren’t going to last. We really need to talk about that and how this impacts you in the workplace, because our work does get a lot from us. Uh, we’re going to talk about these difficult conversations and difficult relationships. I want to talk about bad bosses, bad employees [00:06:00] and, and bad team members. Um, and of course, none of them are bad, but, but maybe differently prioritized.

And I want to talk about those things and get into some of the juicy with it, because again, you know, as Kyle often says and reminder. Your, you know, you think your leader knows, well, you want me value, but your leader doesn’t know if you haven’t said it and your fear and having that conversation with them is getting in the way of the fulfillment of your career and your life.

So we are going to put control back because I don’t know about you guys. In the last two years, it has felt like more of our lives are out of our control than what’s in our control. So much has been taken away from us. And so we want to focus on the aspects that are in your control. So we’re going to talk about these aspects of cover, you know, these things that you can do.

Same thing with employees. I think so often leaders think that their employees should know that their employees should respond this way. And it’s like, well, that’s if they think like you, so we want to go super deep in, in all of this stuff. And it’s all in this theme of. Imperfect [00:07:00] inspired action. Having your human experience, but in the vein of creating fulfillment in your life.

Having your human experience, but in the vein of creating fulfillment in your life.
Having your human experience, but in the vein of creating fulfillment in your life.

Yes, that’s what we do well. Listen, I know you guys talk about, you know, you talk to your girlfriends, you talk to your friends, you talked to her, here’s the thing sometimes at the water cooler or where you’re doing it now via zoom, private chat. I know you guys are all doing it. And let me just tell you. A lot of you are not qualified.

You’re not qualified to have the conversation. So you need to be on this podcast. Christopher remember that time. I told you I was the girls in the cafe, the girls in the cafe. Can I just tell you something about this? Listen, if, if this was, what, if you are listening to this podcast, if you’re one of these girls and you’re listening to this podcast, you need to pick up the phone and call us because girl, you need some help.

Okay, Kyle, tell the story. So it was, it was so interesting. So I go to this cafe, you know, and we’re doing our thing. And then I walked in, there’s a group to the corner. Of [00:08:00] course, I’m going to say about eight to 10, these, uh, ladies they’re probably between maybe 25 and 35, you know, maybe late thirties or something just in that age group.

So I sit down and again, I’m having brunch. Were they eight to 10 years old? And there was 25 to 35 of those. There were eight to 10 people. Age is 25 to 35 be clear that you’re not about to bash children. Okay. Got it. So I don’t care. I’m going to have brunch. And as you know, I have some work to do as well. So I will have brunch get my laptop out.

I’m going to start doing some work. So as I’m ordering, I’m waiting to order, I’m hearing the conversation and they’re talking about the guys, they dated this guy that went on a date with the friend of their friend. And they’re like, oh no, you don’t have to do that. You know, you should say this instead. Oh, don’t give it to that in.

Cause if you give them. This is what this means. Like there was so much bad advice. It’s one thing to talk and just reminisce with each other and says, oh my God, that was a horrible day. It was a horrible thing. I get that. Cause you [00:09:00] need to do that sometime, but they were trying to give each other advice.

Oh, here’s what I do. I usually hold out for three months. I usually do the, um, and I’m oh my God. It was crazy. Took everything out of me, not to turn over to them. Yeah. Well, yeah. Were they saying like, like stuff, like, here’s what you need to do. You need to make him pay for it. You need, oh, totally. If he doesn’t pay them, this means this.

If he pays, that means that like they’re literally con contradict each other about what it is, right. What they’re trying to do. But I, I get it. They were hurting. They weren’t clear on certain things. And some people who were maybe clear on certain things was trying to give advice where I’m going to I’m thinking from someone like us who do this day in day out.

It’s going to really lead you back to that circle. You’re going to go back to that cycle of things and what we’re saying in the workplace and your relationship and how you communicate with other people. It doesn’t have to be that way. Right? We get it. We didn’t have a lot of tools or resources. Right.

What we're going to do in season four is we're truly going to help you. We're going to identify strategies for you.
What we’re going to do in season four is we’re truly going to help you. We’re going to identify strategies for you.

And I know there’s a lot of [00:10:00] people who talk about these things, but what we’re saying, what we’re going to do in season four is we’re truly going to help you. We’re going to identify strategies for you. We’re going to identify tips and tricks. You’re going to hear how we actually. Coach our clients sometimes through these things, as well as some of the things that we know are top of mind for people in their everyday life as they’re working.

Sounds good to me, man. I’m in., let’s do it. Alright. We’ll see you guys. Take care of folks. Remember stay inspired, let us know what you’re interested in. Uh, we’ve got, we’ve got a couple of sessions that are unplanned. We want to hear from you. What do you need to hear from us about, I mean, me specifically. Oh God.

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