Change Your Career Through The Power of Micro-Habits

“Micro-Habits what are they?”

Why am I doing pushups in my office at work? I do not want you to underestimate the power that mini habits or tiny habits can have on your life. This is a really, really important subject and very popular right now.

My name is Christopher Lawrence, and I help people with career change, including micro changes that lead to massive impacts and outcomes throughout your life and your working life. I’m with You can check me out there if you’re not already on my blog page now.

I Started A Micro-Habit

I started a micro-habit of doing pushups every day.

Team, I started a habit of doing pushups probably about eight months ago, every morning. And today I forgot to do my habit, but I promised myself that I would do it every single day without missing. And I do probably 10 to 15 pushups a day, which doesn’t sound like very much. But here’s what I can tell you. The year before that I did zero pushups. The year before that I did zero pushups. Today, I do 12 to 15 pushups a day.

Let’s say that I do 10 pushups a day. Well, that’s 3,650 pushups in a year. How many people do you think are doing over 3000 pushups in a year? My guess is it’s less than half of the world’s population. So what we focus on in mini habits is consistency over time and intensity, showing up and doing the job. This is exactly the same as your career.

Take Baby Micro Steps

Start making baby micro steps.

If you are trying to move somewhere in your career, you’re trying to get an increase. Maybe you’re trying to get a bonus. Maybe you’re trying to get a new position. Maybe you’re trying to get out of where you are and into something new. And you’re thinking I just don’t have the experience or the qualifications.

Here’s what I can tell you. You start making, literally, little baby micro steps to put a plan together and work on those steps every single day. One little thing every single day, you’re gonna start to notice a shift happening. Your mindset will change. You’ll start to see yourself as this new person in that new position or with that new salary. But it requires a little bit of effort from you, not a ton of effort.

So we just got to keep pushing ourselves forward, take little micro steps and little baby steps. Maybe you need to put together a little mini habits strategy, something that’s gonna help you change in your career without making a massive move that you’re not certain about yet. I promise you by doing this, you’re gonna move forward with more confidence. You’re gonna see some consistency and your identity is gonna change.

Feel free to reach out to me. I want to help you with this strategy. People miss little nuance things that can really help them move forward. I one time changed an entire woman’s life by just having her open a notebook every single day. That’s what we started with. And a few years later, she was a completely different person. That’s possible for all of us.

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