Pay Attention to: Careers That Are Growing And Declining

Now more than ever, we have to pay attention to the kinds of careers that are growing and the kinds of careers that are declining particularly, in your own area. The world is moving so fast and some careers are becoming obsolete, faster than you might realize. And some careers are growing exponentially.

Are You Wondering Which Occupations Are Growing and Declining?

So if you’re wondering which occupations are growing and declining in your area, the best-informed career decisions start by asking yourself important questions. The first one is the career you want growing or declining in your area. Take a look around, and watch what’s happening. I live in Calgary, Alberta. In this province, oil and gas and engineering are huge industries. They are currently declining. Some people think they might come back and they might come back, but they might not. So what’s your long-term plan? What’s your backup plan? So is the career you want growing or declining in your area?

How hard will it be to find a job when you need to look for one, or if you are currently training for something or thinking about training for something, you wanna look at how hard it will be to find a career in that field. Certainly anything in the tech sector is growing. People who are going into programming courses are getting jobs very quickly regardless of the world’s economic status.

Being in Calgary, Alberta, there are people in that are going to say, the Southern Alberta Institute for technology and they’re taking object-oriented solutions development. They’re taking business intelligence and they’re taking AI, artificial intelligence programming. Every single one of my clients who has moved into that field has had a career within three months with a growing company.

Are You Going To Retrain or Look For A New Career?

Are you going to retrain or look for a new career?

So you wanna ask yourself if you’re gonna go and retrain or look for a new career, how hard is it gonna be to find a job? The next question is, will you be able to get the kind of job you want in a new location? So if you were to go into a new industry or a new demographic or a new geography, so you wanna move from one city to another one province to another. Are you going to be able to get a career in that new location? Sometimes new locations open up opportunities, and sometimes they close opportunities. So you wanna look at the industries of the area that you’re moving into.

Google is Your Friend

There are career reports out there. I encourage you to grow. I encourage you to look at the fastest growing careers, google this. What are the fastest growing careers, google careers with the most openings, google careers with the largest employment, and google careers with declining employment. Those four things are gonna give you a lot of answers, that will be really helpful for you in making a career choice. If you’re concerned about stability and job security, some careers that come with job security built in, almost all the time are careers that have to be done no matter what the industry is.

Technology and Programming isn’t gonna go away in your lifetime.

So look at condominium management or strata management. Stratas need property managers all the time. It doesn’t matter what the economy is doing. Insurance, insurance claims exist regardless of what the economy is doing. Anything in the helping industry, people always want help. That is a sustainable career. And right now, technology and programming aren’t gonna go away in my lifetime or your lifetime. The languages might change, and how it’s done might change, but we still need people to put it in the machine. So those would be the careers that I would look at if you have a lot of concerns with what is growing and declining in careers in your area.

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