New Years Resolutions & Follow-Through

Folks, Christopher Lawrence here with Change My Life Coaching. For the video blog this month I wanted to talk to you about a couple of things related to strangely, your new year’s resolutions but it’s not about your new year’s resolutions directly.

There is a great percentage of you that have not followed through on your New Years’ Resolutions.

So most of you by now, there’s a great percentage of you that have not followed through on your new year’s resolutions. So whether this is about your career or your life and lifestyle, some goal that you want to achieve, whatever it is. I want you to remember that there are three types of goals. We’ve got lifestyle goals. So these are goals like, I want to be on the golf course more, also related to habit style goals, right?

So like, I wanna hit the gym more. Habit-style goals will stay on your goals list for a really long time, right? So you might have a habit for something at your job or your career. Maybe you just wanna show up in a different way. So when that happens, we wanna focus on leaving that goal on your goals list until it feels like it’s a habit. How do you know when it’s a habit? When you don’t have to think about doing it, it’s just automatic.

Habit-based goals have been on my list for two or three… years

I have some habit-based goals that have been on my list for two or three and even as many as four years. So it’s okay if those stay on there. With habit-style goals, you wanna focus on making micro movements to start to lock in the neuroplasticity or the behavioural plasticity of that goal.

A lifestyle goal is a little bit different in the sense that this is directly related to the kind of life you wanna lead, right? So you might think of it like, I’d like to work a little bit less. Like I want the flexibility in my lifestyle to go golfing every Friday afternoon and every Tuesday afternoon if the weather’s nice. So then we actually start to build your life in that way. And it is possible to do this even if you work in a larger corporation it’s a lot more work and sometimes you get a no but we don’t take the first no or the second no, and sometimes not even the third, no.

Goals with an end date

The third kind of goal is an achievement or accomplishment-based goal. This is the kind of goal that when you’re looking at it, you’re going okay, this is something that I want to accomplish or achieve. So meaning it has an end date. Like I want to get into a weight range of, you know, 150 to 160 pounds, okay. There’s that goal, you can tell I’m not holding my phone very well. So then there’s that goal, right?

If there’s a definitive end date or it’s like applying to and getting into the program of my choice in university or finishing this project before the end of the year so I get a great bonus. Those kinds of goals are achievement or accomplishment-based goals. So the idea with those ones is that you actually wanna have a solid plan of action with some steps built in and flexibility ’cause it’s never a straight line to success with those ones.

Folks, I hope that this is really helpful. If you wanna talk about your goals with me, I want you to schedule a strategy session with me. We’re gonna talk about it. We’re gonna figure out what kind of goals you need to have and how you’re gonna stay focused on them without letting them go by the wayside over and over and over again. Have a great one guys, talk to you soon.

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