Willingness: Struggling to Get Motivated for Your Career Search

But I think the point is, what are you willing to do? So if you are out there looking for a job, and you want to be that you know $150,000.00 person, what are you willing to do?

Hello! My name is Christopher Lawrence. Do you ever just feel like being silly? Not me, uh, you can check me out at ChangeMyLifeCoaching.ca, I’m going to talk about a component of his diagram. Um, and you can find it on our website, uh, ChangeMyLifeCoaching.ca, if you want a copy of it and you can’t find it, uh, email our team [email protected] and we will give you a um, a PDF copy of this if you reach out to us please don’t alter it or change it.

What Makes a Fulfilling Career

Um So this is what, um, we have come to know, makes a fulfilling career. We have, can you see that? We have values, so this is who you want to be in the world. We have tasks, uh, what activities do you love and not love to do in the world. We have our purpose which is why you want to be in the world. And our willingness is what you know which is how prepared are you to get what we want in the world. And what I want to talk about today is this piece around willingness.

Willingness is Key

So I have programs and worked with individuals one on one as well as in groups. Um, uh for… To help people understand how to use this and discover what there should be maybe you already have a great job but you feeling stuck. What we want to do is we want to increase uh, your satisfaction with your job, and reignite your career so that you can live a life of purpose and passion. But I want to talk about that willingness piece because, um, a willingness is a really key piece, I had this really interesting realization. Um, uh, I was thinking about you know, how important is market need when we’re looking for a job. So it’s like in my city if you want to be an engineer in oil and gas, and you know, and you know out of school, maybe your just coming out of school, uh, or maybe you’ve been in your career a long time, and you want to go into the job making a $100,000.00 a year that’s probably not gonna happen. Although it could it’s probably not going to. Why? Because the market need isn’t that high. But then I started to think about different aspects of this and I was like, well there are some people who are coming out and getting jobs like that. Like, you know, maybe they’re not that common but it is possible. So I started to think about this difference and how you kind of reconcile that. So I think the market need is important, but I realize that there’s something that trump’s market needs and it’s actually willingness.

The Willingness of The Vinyl Records Industry

So look at like vinyl records, vinyl records have been on their way out since you know late 70’s early 80’s right? Except for the highest revenue for records sales I believe I’d have to go back and find the research, but I believe it was in 2017, and maybe now it’s 2018, 2019, and maybe it’ll be 2020 which is the year we’re in right now. Okay, so how is this outdated, out motored form of technology making more revenue now than it did back then? Well, there are lots of different reasons why, but record sales are actually on an uptick right now. So then I start to think about well, so, so yes there’s a market need there’s a market demand for it but why? Because it’s you know, and I have a record player and I love it by the way, but… But why is it on an uptick? And it’s like well, it’s because the industry had the willingness to do what it takes to get people to purchase more records. They came out with really cool looking classic record players, you know they started printing really new music on vinyl record, right, all of that kind of stuff.

Willingness Is More Important than Market Need

And so then, I start to realize uh, that actual willingness is more important than market need. There are all sorts of crazy things out there, and it’s like, but oh nobody will buy this again and it’s like, yeah, you know nobody will buy this thing, this service, this product and it’s like actually, I think people will buy anything if you can pinpoint how it makes their life better or more enjoyable. So, so actually, you know and there’s a whole other commentary about consumerism there and materialism, but we’ll save that for another day. Uh, or never, uh you know, but I think the point is what are you willing to do?

The Bottom Line

So if you’re out there looking for a job, and you want to be that you know $150,000.00 person, what are you willing to do? Well it might not come overnight, you might have to get, you know, that entry-level position and work your way up, or you know, but how are you working your way up? Are you speeding up your path? Are you, you know, putting in the extra work? So I think that willingness is far more important than… Uh… Than um… Then market needs. And by the way if your job searcher and you’re having a really hard time getting motivated to do the job search because maybe you’re tired of being rejected or ignored or whatever. Your answer is in willingness, what is your willingness, and then just kind of focus on building one little step at a day. And if you’re really struggling with that check us out we’ve got lots of stuff on our website but you can also reach out to me ChangeMyLifeCoaching.ca and we’ll see what we can do to get you moving and motivated to kind of get back on that job search or increase your willingness to do something. Cool? Thanks very much Christopher Lawrence Change My Life Coaching looking forward to talking to you later, post below… Uh, when you have experienced an uptick in your willingness to do something that maybe you wouldn’t before, I’d love to know your stories. Thanks folks, Chao.

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