[VIDEO] The Best Video Interviewing Tips: Part 3 Starting The Interview / Lessons Learned

Check out this great video on interviewing. Be sure to check back next week for part 4 of this five part series.


Check out the transcript below!

Christopher – What would’ve happened if you, like, had a sneezing fit or something? 

Karmal – It would’ve got recorded. 

Christopher – So then you went and you clicked the link and you did the interview–

Karmal – I did the interview.

Christopher – So I’m curious, how did you, let’s step back for a second here. Because the things that I would be thinking about if I’m doing an interview. So you did this at home–

Karmal – Yes.

Christopher – It wasn’t in their space–

Karmal – No.

Christopher – This was in your home. Great idea for the employer in so many senses. But I think some people they get a bit nervous in front of video whereas if they’re in front of somebody, they would perform differently. Like, I’m awkward in front of video lots of times but when I’m in front of people I’m way more natural. 

Karmal – And for me, because you’re not face-to-face, you’re not reading body language and facial expressions on a video, and you don’t get to replay, once you’re in the real interview there’s no replay or re-recording, it is what it is, so you don’t even get to see how you performed or what it was like.

Christopher – How long did you get to answer each question?

Karmal – It was anywhere from, so, the question would come out printed, you got 90 seconds to think about it, where I scribbled furiously, and then it was between two and three minutes for the recording, depending on the question.

Christopher – Wow, yeah, between two and three minutes. So, what would have happened if you, like, had a sneezing fit or something?

Karmal – It would have got recorded. And I went over on one question. I’m talking away and I wasn’t paying attention to the time and I went 30 seconds into the next question’s 90 second

think about things in between. So they whole missed the last 30 seconds of my– (laughs)

Christopher – Oh my gosh. So it sounds like you had to pay attention to a lot of moving parts

while you were doing this. It’s almost like a test eh.

Karmal – It is.

Christopher – Whereas you go in, read the question, and then the timer starts.

Karmal – And I imagine I looked a little frenetic ’cause I had a surface tablet but then I have two big monitors, so the surface tablet’s down here where my camera is, my two monitors are up here, my paper’s over here. So I’m looking here, I’m looking at the timer, I’m looking at the camera, I’m looking at my paper, I’m looking at the camera, I’m looking at the timer. So I was probably just bouncing all over the place in the video.

Christopher – Interesting, yeah. Great learning experience–

Karmal – It was.

Christopher – And we’re hoping that you guys are taking something from this. Your answers are different, or at least you respond differently, than when you’re behind a video.

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