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CALGARY, AB – April 10, 2018– It is with great pleasure that we announce that Christopher  Lawrence, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Change My Life Coaching & Change My Business Coaching will now assume the role of Chief Value Officer with a focus on the establishment of value-based initiatives for both clients and the organization.  The former Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer, Kyle Kalloo takes over this leadership role as the new CEO, effective immediately. These changes are part of the company’s significant growth plan that will help their clients and the organization be positioned to evolve and be responsive.

“Our company has experienced significant growth in the last 2 years. And with more local corporations reaching out to us for leadership and employee workshops, we need to ensure our programs and services are valued-based. Christopher’s capacity to see what’s missing and to ensure all of our unique programs, coaching offers and services are valued-based makes him the ideal architect as the Chief Value Officer”, says Kyle Kalloo, Chief Executive Officer.

Christopher spent nearly 15 years working in the corporate world with a variety of industries and companies. His focus was primarily in planning, strategy and leadership of change management and communications. There he worked with the five generations now in the work force. He will continue to provide Professional and Personal Life, Career Transition, and Motivation coaching with the clients of Change My Life Coaching.

Christopher Lawrence is a Certified Master Coach Practitioner (CMCP), trainer and workshop facilitator, published author and a passionate, accomplished and engaging public speaker.  He spent 10 years as an active alumnus at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), 5 years as Chairperson of an academic advisory committee at a local college and 5 years as president of a Condominium Corporation.

Kyle Kalloo has established a robust record in leadership, strategic planning, operations optimization, financial planning, risk management, and innovative problem-solving abilities, with two decades of occupying senior management positions. Kyle will continue to provide Executive, Business and Sales coaching with Change My Business Coaching’s clients.

Christopher Lawrence, Chief Value Officer says “Since Kyle joined the company over 2 years ago, we have doubled our annual revenue each year since. Kyle’s proven leadership and strategic thinking make him a natural fit as our Chief Executive Officer and in getting us to the next chapter in our business”.

Kyle is well regarded as confident, approachable and transparent. In short, his measure of success is through results.  This is achieved through his track record in increasing sales, reducing costs, bringing out the best in executives and possessing the ability to solve problems using innovative approaches. He is also the recipient of several awards over the years in Networking, Profitability, Credibility, Employee Engagement, and Innovation. In addition, he has served as President for numerous Associations.

“I want to thank Christopher for starting a business that people want to work in and that is accessible to clients locally and beyond”, Kyle remarked.

About the company:
Change My Life Coaching and Change My Business Coaching are a team of professionals who believe anyone and everyone can experience fulfillment. We are entitled to it. We dare to redefine the expression and achievement of success. We coach, train, facilitate, and inspire change in ourselves, our clients, and our organization. We use a variety of proven tools to help clients reconnect with their own resources of purpose, power and creativity.

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